Will you sell your body to survive?

By: Dr John Boakye
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There is a recent video on social media platform in which a Ghanaian showbiz woman in an interview with a popular international journalist is heard as saying Ghana is a very difficult place to live and a woman has to give sex to men so that she can take care of her needs.

 It is sad that a Ghanaian young woman, given a great international platform, instead of portraying our good cultural values, chose to generalize her personal inadequacy which compels her to sell her body for survival.

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Some also have difficulty with the host because, as an accomplished international journalist, she knows that women giving themselves to men for support is a universal issue, and therefore, she should not have feigned surprise.

Sugar daddy/baby relationship is indeed universal.  For example, in January 2018, a study showed Miami students choose sugar daddies over loan debt and a third of sugar babies are college students.

Again, a study by a sugar daddy website showed 1,379,706 are sugar daddies and had 1120867 sugar babies.

Fact is the issue of side chick/sugar daddies is always associated with humanity long before the age of internet technology.                                          

Why sugar daddy/baby relationship?

Sugar daddy/baby relationship is one between a young woman and a generous older man. The man is usually a businessman who considers himself too busy for a conventional relationship. He wants fun to relive the fantasy of his youthful days.

Sometimes he may be in a good or bad marriage and thinks a younger woman will better meet his topmost emotional needs like respect, sex and attractive lover. He gives support, usually financially, to the young woman in exchange for sex.

The sugar baby is a younger woman who has many needs she can’t afford herself.  Her philosophy is simple; if your relationship can’t take you to the altar, it must take you to the bank!

She gives sex for support and skillfully makes the man think she makes him her main focus of life and the king of the universe.

Today, cases coming in show there is growing number of sugar babies among university students because the Ghanaian woman of today has huge appetite for education even their parents can’t afford it.                                                                   

The challenge

Sugar daddy/baby relationship is not picnic. You have to lie to keep up secrets. It entails restrictions including freely and openly expressing your emotions. You can’t have your man to yourself or find him when you need him most.

Sugar daddy /baby relationship lacks commitment, a critical ingredient for a stable relationship. It breaks your trust and disturbs your vision for a happy life in future.

It breaks down easily as soon as one partner can’t honour his or her side of the deal. It can shatter even the strongest marriages and leave behind betrayal, guilt and insecurity.

Cases come in from women who are struggling to find partners because they have stayed with sugar daddies for a long time and have acquired tastes young men cannot meet. Others also involve sugar daddies buying cars for girl friends when their wives go everywhere in ‘tro’.

Some buy tickets for their girl-friends to fly out on holidays when their wives don’t even have travelling documents. There is also a case of a man who bought a house for his girlfriend while he lives in a rented house with his family.

 It is also a fact that many businesses have collapse because their owners were paying unsustainable amounts to their sugar babies. When a man is aroused his brain moves from the head and relocates between his thighs and is unable to think clearly again. Men!

Will you sell your body to survive?

Life may be hard but not too hard for a determined woman who wants to uphold the dignity of her womanhood by working hard to make a decent living. It is wrong for a young woman to live beyond her means, use her body as a bait for support.

If you depend on a man to live in an expensive house and drive a ‘posh ’car, think of what can happen when you lose your attraction or the man. You expose yourself to physical, mental and emotional harm in the end.

Again, note that if you give sex for favours, you simply join the oldest profession – prostitution. It does not matter if you do it once or with the same person. Therefore if you are tempted to sell your body to survive the advice is simple; don’t.