Time to celebrate mothers

By: Dr John Boakye
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Mothers play a critical role in our miracle of birth and life because God knits us in our mother’s womb.

A mother’s care starts when the unborn child grows in the womb and draws nutrients from her mother for nine months.

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A baby is born as the most helpless of God’s creations but a mother nurtures him or her through all stages of life: infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

A good mother provides the basic needs of her children. She teaches honesty, hard work and domestic care. She is kind and patient. She is not self-seeking but sacrifices at the risk of her life to help her children.

A good mother opens her mouth with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household. She has amazing compassion, never forgetting her children.

St Theresa says ‘a mother’s love is in action. She loves with her heart and feels with her eyes. She is the family’s deposit for anger, worries and hurt.

“She is the cement that keeps the family together and her love lasts a lifetime.”

A good mother is, an embodiment of true love. Your mother is the reason for your life and whatever and whoever you are your mother has made crucial contribution to your development.

It is, therefore, important that we celebrate mothers for the immense role they play in our lives.   

Mother’s Day celebration is commonly attributed to Annie Javis who in 1908 organised a memorial service for her late mother.

Fact, however, is that the celebration of Mother’s Day actually started in the Catholic Church in the middle ages when believers who worked outside their hometowns were permitted to visit their parishes and mothers during a period in May each year.

What to do on mother’s day

Make time for your mother.  Make every effort to be reunited with your mother. Time together promotes bonding and gives you security and peace of mind.

It makes you happy and healthy. Talk of your past and listen to your life story. Recall the happy and sad moments, the good things and the bad you did.

Share a meal. Take photos and make it a fun time.

Send gifts. Nothing can completely make up for all the sacrifices your mother has made for you, but it is nice to send her a gift because it is a sign of love and goodwill.

It is not how expensive the item is but the good intentions behind them.

A good gift is one which makes an impression on your mother because of the meaning she attaches to it.

Verbalise your appreciation. Thank your mother for all her love and care. Say it but the best gift you can give is to resolve to do your best in every area of your life.

Resolve to give up any bad habit that worries your mother. Five years ago a man promised to go back to the Catholic Church and today he is a very active member in his parish.

Appreciation makes your mother feel valued and important, special, cherished, loved and important.

Showing appreciation also reduces your stress and improves your mood. It promotes intimacy and leads to their virtues such as mercy and compassion.

Your mood improves. Good times, good memories and joy become a common place in your relationship with your mother.

Pray for your mother. If she has offended you in any way, this is the time to forgive her unconditionally. If you do not forgive your mother who gave life to you, God will not forgive you.

See the difficulties you had with your mother as God’s way to make you stronger and wiser. Love her unconditionally.

Time to celebrate mothers

God has given us mothers as gifts and He commands us we revere them, love them and give them recognition for their heroic roles just as we are careful to obey all His commands.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us appreciate that motherhood is not about biology; it is about love and care.

In fact, Annie Javis, the originator of Mother’s Day, did not have children of her own. Again, Mother Theresa, referred to as the mother of all the living, had no biological children.

Any woman – sister, cousin, grandmother who shows love and care to humanity is a mother.

Again, without fathers and mothers there will be no mothers. The celebration of Mother’s Day is, therefore, a celebration of humanity and a time to remind us to love and care for each other always.

Love begins and ends with mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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