Duvet host Ms Nancy celebrates her divorce

By: Delali Sika
Ms Nancy host of Duvet celebrates her divorce in unprecedented move
Ms Nancy
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IT is most unusual or unheard of for people to be happy about divorce, especially in our part of the world where there is so much stigma against divorcees.

However, that is exactly what host of the Duvet show on GHOne TV, Ms Nancy has done. In a post on her social media pages, Ms Nancy revealed that she had been divorced for some years now and was celebrating it.

Ms Nancy, who is also a style coach, talked about how her first marriage did not end as planned but instead of breaking her, made her learn a lot, made her discover herself and taught her self love.

Ms Nancy also seized the opportunity to thank the man who decided to take her in as a wife. She concluded by advising that whenever people prayed for something and it didn't work out, they should just let go because maybe God has other plans for them.

Below is the statement on Instagram

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Celebrating My Divorce. I am very grateful to God for the grace of getting married once even though it was a very short one. Very grateful that I was honoured by a man who adored me and wanted to share his life with me . I am equally grateful that the marriage brought me to my divine location to fulfill my divine destiny. Grateful that I had the grace and confidence to accept its turnout . When I think about this day ,which I rarely do ,I feel very grateful for it,even though It didn't take me to the land of happily ever after,it took me to the land of impact and relevance. When you plan and pray about something and it doesn't work out,maybe it really didn't have to work out. Cry ,sleep, get up and live. Yes,I will love again and again and again. NB : the man in the picture is my father walking me down the aisle. #nopityparty #seeonlythepositive Ms Nancy Style Coach Gh.

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