Paris Hilton trademarks a new word—sliving

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PARIS Hilton has trademarked a new word.

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The 39-year-old heiress revealed her new slang word to pop star Charli XCX during a Zoom chat, likening her new creation to her iconic ''That's hot'' catchphrase.

Charli, 27, told 'The Candy Shop' on Apple Music: ''This week, I did an absolutely epic Zoom conference.

''I did a Zoom conference with Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix and the one and only iconic Paris Hilton. And she told me that she has trademarked a brand new word called sliving, which is a cross between slaying and living.''

Charli then provided a snippet from their conversation.

Talking about their cooking skills during the lockdown, the 'Boom Clap' hitmaker said: ''I'm really not very good. I'm not a good cook, but I'm trying. What's your speciality? What's your go to dish?''

Paris replied: ''Sliving lasagne.''

Asked what sliving lasagne actually is, she continued: ''Sliving lasagne. It's basically my recipe and it's the best.''

Then, Charli asked: ''What's sliving?''

And Paris responded: ''Sliving is my new word that I trademarked. It's the new, 'That's hot'. It means slaying and living your best life in one word.''

Paris who has already registered her ''That's hot'' catchphrase as a trademark - subsequently described Charli as a ''sliver''.

The pop star responded: ''I'm a sliver? I want to be one. Oh my God. Is 'That's hot' over? Are you done with, 'That's hot'?''

In reply, Paris explained: ''No, I'll never be over, 'That's hot'. 'That's hot' and sliving.''

Meanwhile, Paris previously admitted she actually stole the phrase ''That's hot'' from her sister Nicky.

She confessed: '''That's hot' is something that my sister actually always used to say, but I trademarked it and I own it. Sorry, Nicky.''