Orange Friday brings excitement to Fetu Afahye

By: Kofi Duah
Orange Friday Fetu Afahye
It was excitment galore at the Orange Friday
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Since the Orange Friday was introduced as part of the celebrations of the Fetu Afahye for the people of Cape Coast, it has become one of the biggest events and attracts thousands of people.

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And this year’s edition, which was held on Friday, August 31, was no different as much of Cape Coast was draped in orange.

The procession started from the Cape Coast Stadium at 3pm and it was a sea of orange with the participants marching through the principal streets of Cape Coast to brass band music and other songs blaring from huge speakers.

The Orange Friday seems to bring out the crazy side of people as many wacky costumes could be seen on people. In keeping to the orange theme even hairstyles, footwear and everything in between were all in the same bright colour.

The procession was a blend of music and dance

Skaters and cyclists displayed their skills with some daring moves; there was musketry and jama sessions on the streets which helped to bring Cape Coast to life. Children, market women and hawkers all got into the orange mood.

Many of the participants wore T-shirts; some of which carried very important messages like Family Planning, hard work, among others. Others also wore T-shirts in support of the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North, Barbara Asher Ayisi.

These ladies showed their support for Cape Coast North MP, Barbara Asher Ayisi

These guys emphasised hard work with their T-shirts

Although the crowd was huge, it was well controlled by the police personnel. The five-hour festival, which ended at the Chapel Square, was hailed by people as one of the best.

Mr. Dan Ashon is the manager of Cape FM, organisers of the Orange Friday and he told Graphic Showbiz that this year’s edition was the best so far.

“This year was well attended and well-organised comparing it to the previous years. We started on time and ended on time. There was huge police presence and we are happy we achieved our aim,” he said.

He, however, pleaded with corporate bodies and the government to support the Orange Friday.

These skaters showed off their skills

Some of the participants also made similar comments. Mina Osei, a seamstress who said she has never missed the event since its inception said the organisation was awesome.

“With the previous editions it started late and everyone was doing his or her own thing but the togetherness was felt this year,” she said.

Anim Danso, a student, was also very impressed. “I was overwhelmed at the turnout considering the fact that the chief didn’t want this year’s event to take place. We moved in unity and the celebration was great,” he said.

'Anas' came through at Orange Friday

It wouldn't be complete without the masquerade

The hairstyles were also colourful