Nothing wrong with competitive rivalry - M.anifest

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Rapper M.anifest says there's no need to worry about competitive rivalry
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MANY celebrities have gotten into public spats with one another over the years, but it seems more pronounced among those in the music industry.

Sometimes, a feud ends after a couple of diss tracks are released on both sides but sometimes, like has been witnessed in the US in years past, they end in violence and even death.

The possibility of such feuds escalating into deaths is one reason why Ghanaians appear not to be in support of them.

However, rapper M.anifest who's had his share of feuds in the industry, says there’s nothing wrong with competitive rivalry.

“I think there is a lot of competition that has existed before I was born and humans in general love competition. I believe that when it comes to arts and creating, there’s nothing wrong with competitive rivalry, either in just the arts or in terms of technical abilities or disagreeing about something.

“So it could be about the fact that we should get rid of plastics or let’s ban plastics then someone will also provide the alternative, there’s nothing wrong with it. I think people get overly excited when people disagree musically and creatively and it has become part of it,” he stated.

Coming from a family that sets very high standards for quality, M.anifest revealed that had been his guiding principle in not settling for anything less than the best.

“I come from a family who are serious and expect better and are not easily impressed because you think you are famous. They judge you by your works, what you do and your integrity. As for me, it has been an amazing privilege and has influenced my work.

“It shows in how I live and work and try to pursue excellence and that is why I’m not easily swayed by anything,” he stated.

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