Miss Ghana auditions turnout great despite scandal

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Inna Patty Miss Ghana auditions
Inna Maryam Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, organisers of Miss Ghana
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ONE would think that with the controversies Miss Ghana has suffered in recent times, the brand would be shunned by young girls but the opposite was the case on Saturday, August 25, when audition for this year’s contest began at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra.

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Around 100 aspiring beauty queens turned up at the venue to take part in the vetting process in the hopes of being selected. They were taken through a pre-judging process before meeting the selection panel.
When Graphic Showbiz spoke to some of the girls before they went in to meet the judges, they said were not bothered by the issues surrounding the Miss Ghana pageant.

Veronica Sarfo Adu Nti, a make-up artist said, “Every pageant has its own issues so you don’t concentrate on the negatives but look at the positives and that is why I am here.

"I am expecting something great, I am expecting that there will be a change in this year’s organisation, I hope to make it to the final so I am going to put up my best.”

Peggy Ohene Agyekum Boateng, who is a National Service Person also said, “I know Miss Ghana is a big brand, it wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t big, I trust the brand and I am ready to work for it.

She was very optimistic about impressing the judges and sailing through. “I am not too nervous, I’m ready to give them everything about myself, I’m ready to answer every question I am asked,” she stated.

For 25-year-old Esther Sambo Abuyanah, the controversies are to be expected. “I don’t have a problem with the controversies because no matter how good you are, somebody will criticise you so I don’t have a problem with that,” she said.

On her part, 23-year-old Nana Ama Benson said she was a bit nervous but still optimistic of going through. “I don’t expect it to be so smooth but I expect to sail through, with the controversies I would say there are always problems everywhere so I see it as a day-to-day something, nothing extraordinary.”

Inna Maryam Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, organisers of Miss Ghana told Showbiz that she was highly impressed with the quality of girls who showed up for the audition.

“The audition went very well, I was blown away by their character and intelligence, their knowledge of the brand was awesome,” she said.

According to Inna, for most of the girls, it was not just about the crown, car and cash but service to Mother Ghana and that was great.

“We wanted the quality and we were impressed, most of the girls exhibited a high level of intelligence and we had a great time interacting with them, we will announce who the finalists for this year's Miss Ghana by Friday,” she said.

Since last year, the Miss Ghana organisation has faced criticism after some past queens alleged that Miss Patty pushed them to men to secure sponsorships for the pageant.

And just recently, the 2017 queen, Margaret Dery, resigned from the role saying the pageant was deceptive.