Laughter galore at Night of 1026 Laughs and Music

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Patrons laugh their hearts out at Night of 1026 Laughs and Music
OB Amponsah was excellent on the night
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PATRONS who made it to the Grand Arena of the Accra International Conference Centre on Boxing Day, December 26, for the Night of 1026 Laughs and Music had a time of their lives as they were treated to pure non-stop rib-cracking comedy.

Act after act just thrilled the audience who were probably served with more than they had bargained for.

Before the dons mounted the stage, a relatively unknown Ghanaian comedian Alowers warmed the stage. He took a swipe at ladies who like to post pictures on Facebook saying it seemed to be the order of the day.

He added that it was amazing how Westeners named their children and how Ghanaians named theirs. The examples he gave were quite interesting.

Gordons was up next and he was something else. He was furious about the large consultation fees paid at hospitals, "How can you pay so much to see another human being?" he asked.

According to him, when you are young you cut your hair according to what was trendy but when you are old you cut your hair according to the remaining hair.

"It is when you are looking for a child that you realise that lovemaking is such a huge task," he said.

Gordons also shared an experience he had on a plane that was faulty. He was on board with MI, Tekno, Flavour and Shatta Wale. His narration of their individual reactions was simply hilarious.

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He paid tribute to Basketmouth who encouraged him when he started comedy.

The only female on the bill, Jacinta didn't do badly. She actually brought sticks of Chichinga on stage and said it was only for those who didn't go for the Cardi B Meet and Greet.

Touching on the Year of Return, she advised girls to return all stingy boyfriends and sugar daddies without sugar.

Jacinta shared her experience on her recent trip to the UK, "When I visited the UK, I realised that Ghana is a place and London is a country. We drove from the airport for 30 minutes and there was not a single honking but here, we honk for everything."

Bovi simply thrilled the audience. He said the Year of Return has seen Ghana choked with people especially girls everywhere.

"In Ghana, when people say Merry Christmas they mean it but in Nigeria you will pay when you respond to Merry Christmas."

He took a swipe at Shatta Bundle and Shatta Wale saying one says he is the richest man in Africa and the other says when he hears his collaboration with Beyonce, he sounds like Celine Dion.

When Lekzy Da Comic took his turn on stage, he was just amazing. He said dating was more fun than marriage and teased Ashanti men for not being romantic while praising Fante men for being romantic.

He said he was the tallest in his family and that short people hate to be told what to do during sex.

He added that names given to children depended on circumstances surrounding their birth, eg. if the pregnancy was planned.

Lekzy also shared an experience of being in a VIP bus and having a stomach upset. He also demonstrated the reaction of Ghana Police at a crime scene.

When Basketmouth came on, he first thanked Ghana for giving him his first international platform.

"Because of that, I will not put my mouth in the Jollof war. Ghana and Nigeria should come together and fight a common enemy which is bad governance. Another common enemy is malaria."

He advised men to check for prostate cancer. He also said that he wanted his children to have some kind of allergy because rich men's children have allergies.

According to him, the rate at which Donald Trump was going about visa reduction for Nigerians, they would only be given three hours visa by 2021.

OB Amponsah brought the curtains down to a very brilliant evening. He said Facebook posts are evident that Ghana was hard.

"When Ghanaians see you performing here and there, they have high expectations of you, you must own a car but I still ride in trotro."

He added that Uber drivers liked complaining and often shared their problems with passengers.

There were musical performances by Bless and Adina but it was obvious from the audience reaction that they had come to laugh and couldn't be bothered about music.

Clemento Suarez and Sheyi were MCs for the night.