Future of GH music is female — Myra

By: Delali Sika
Singer Myra says females will take over the music industry in the future
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WHILE the seeming poor performance of females and what the future holds for them has been a hot topic of discussion among stakeholders, there are still some who believe the future of Ghana’s music industry rests on the shoulders of the females.

One of such people is singer Myra who believes the females have the capability to take over the industry. According to her, the females have no idea the power they have and are allowing the guys to take over.

“Ghana music is female, we have the capabilities. It is just sad that we have no idea what we have so we sit and allow the guys in the industry to take all the shine.

"The guys are doing great but we also have some things that they do not have and if only we will put it to use, we can conquer the world. We have the looks and the body.

"We work and push ourselves more than them because, from the way the society is structured, as a woman, you need to double up and do more than the males and that’s a plus for us.

“However, what do you see today? How many of the females have songs together? With this attitude, we will not go anywhere; let’s not forget that collaborations help. We are joking and have no idea what we have,” she told Graphic Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Myra also said there was too much jealousy among the females in the industry. “The jealousy is too much, everyone wants to be seen as the best but we are all gifted in our own way.”

Myra used the opportunity to call on her female colleagues to come together. “Let us come together and fight and take over. It is time for that, let us not allow the guys to take it all. We need them but we should also do something to stand out.

“They may not take us seriously but let us take ourselves seriously. They may not be giving us attention but let us give ourselves that attention. Let’s hype each other, be focused and we will get there. It is time we do this. The talk has been too much,” she stated.

Myra expressed gratitude to some female artistes who agreed to collaborate with her.

“I had heard stories that some artistes were not comfortable collaborating with new entrants but I can say my story is different. I have approached the likes of Efya, Wendy Shay, Freda Ryhmz etc. and they did not turn me down.

"So you see, if we can let some of these perceptions go and come together, we will do better. There is no better time to take over than now,” she said.

Myra, who joined the industry in 2016, is determined to break through and take the bull by the horn and says she has a strategy to get to the top.

“I will not be like those artistes who do one song and go to sleep. I will make it a point to drop hit songs back to back; not just any song but ones that will make great impact.

"Apart from that, I intend to take part in charity events so that I can stay relevant in the industry as well.”

Myra is currently studying for a degree in Criminal Justice at Georgia Gwinnett College in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States and has songs such as Personal, Piesie, Dance the Night Away, Sugar and Prove It to her credit.

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