Elmina Castle hosts A Woman's Instinct on Sept 1

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Actors of A Woman's Instinct
Some cast members of A Woman's Instinct
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COME Saturday, September 1, all roads lead to the forecourt of the Elmina Castle when actor Abeiku Sagoe stages A Woman's Instinct, his latest play at 7pm sharp.

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A Woman's Instinct, which has strategically been adopted by the Ghana Tourism Authority(GTA) as part of the Fetu Afahye celebrations is expected to draw the large crowd who will be in Cape Coast for the festival.

Showbiz caught up with the writer and director of the play, Abeiku Sagoe and he threw more light on how he came about it as well as the synopsis.

“I decided to visit our history and our historical personalities and settled on the famous Adwoa Amissah.

"Nana Kwabena Nketsiah’s uncle told me the story and I decided to convert it into a play. After research, we discovered that Adwoa Amissah came from Elmina.

“The general impression about her was that she didn’t know how to cook or do household chores because she decided not to marry and she will only do so to the man who will be able to redeem Elmina from foreigners.

"The King’s nephew proposed to her but she turned him down. He kept on pursuing her till he once met her at the market where she called him a fool. He was so embarrassed that he committed suicide.

"Her perceived utterance that caused the King's nephew's death angered the youth so much that they decided to kill her but she also eventually took her own life by shooting herself with a golden bullet", he said.

According to Abeiku Sagoe, it is assumed that after her death, the men came to themselves and wanted to fight the Portuguese but they were met with a force.

“Adwoa Amissah was a freedom fighter and I am placing her in her proper place in history. She was a hero whose story must be told and the corrections  made and my platform is drama thus A Woman's Instinct,” he said.

Abeiku Sagoe has assembled 30 to 40 young people to make up the cast, “we are including some artists from Elmina including dancers and singers,” he said.

“The cast of A Woman's Instinct are mainly new acts—Charlotte Abaka plays Adwoa Amissah and Edmund Ankrah plays the king’s nephew, Ansaba among others.

“We’ve discovered Adwoa Amissah's family house at Bantama in Elmina, they were helpful with some information.

"The Royal family of Elmina has also been supportive, the chief has provided his royal troupe and Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has also expressed interest to support", Abeiku Sagoe added.

He continued that since Adwoa Amissah came from Elmina, therefore  it will be historic to stage it first there, “from there, we will take A Woman's Instinct round the country,” he said.