KSM unveils new courtroom series Odo Wahala

By: Kofi Duah
KSM Odo Wahala
Yaa Anima Misa Gyampo plays the no-nonsense judge in Odo Wahala
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TV personality and satirist, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM), has unveiled a new electronic court Drama series which will start showing next month.

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Dubbed Odo Wahala it is a forum that deals specifically with conflict in relationships. In vintage KSM style, very serious issues are laced with measured humour to give them unique and understated educational relevance.

A blend of Twi and English, Odo Wahala sees Yaa Anima Misa Gyampo play the role of the judge.

According to KSM, the judge’s control of the “courtroom”, driven by her no-nonsense attitude, combined with her use of innovative technologies to reach her clients, distinguishes the series from all other court drama series currently running on TV.

KSM told Graphic Showbiz that “the uniqueness of Odo Wahala is that neither the defendant nor the plaintiff is required to be physically present in the courtroom.

“This is a fully electronic platform where the judge sits in the studio/courtroom and connects with the defendant and plaintiff who are in a different location via various digital platforms including mobile phones and Skype. In effect, the justice system has gone digital in Ghana.”

KSM dislcosed that he has already shot 70 episodes of the drama series adding that suggestions of topics are welcome.

On why he didn’t take up the judge role since he is more popular, KSM said he wanted to give new faces the opportunity to shine. “I think my face is all over the place and the lady who took the position of the judge executed the role well,” he said.

Although he refused to announce which TV station the drama series will be showing on, KSM he said is hopeful of getting great viewership.