I want to make my own fortune—Akua GMB

By: Delali Sika
Akua of GMB
Former GMB winner, Akua Amoakoaa
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IF some other woman was in former Ghana’s Most Beautiful winner, Akua Amoakoaa’s shoes; married to a rich man coupled with being celebrity, they would probably be living a life of leisure with no hassle but that’s not for her.

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Akua Amoakoaa is married to Dr Kwaku Oteng of the Angel Group of Companies which has the Angel Herbal industry, Adonko Bitters, Angel TV and Angel FM among others as subsidiaries but says she is working to make her own fortune so that she does not become a burden on her husband.

In pursuing that agenda, Akua, who is the General Manager of Angel TV, is host of Purple Room on the station, the CEO of Jay & Jay Co. Limited and is the founder of Street Aid Ghana in addition to helping her husband with managing the Adonko Bitters business.

“Naturally, I cannot stay still, I love to work, people who know me can attest to that. I do not play when it comes to that. Thus that fact that I am married to such a man or carry a celebrity tag doesn’t mean I should be lazy, not at all, laziness cannot be found in my dictionary.

“I believe that as a woman, you have needs that have to be provided for and you cannot say every time, you will go to your husband for everything. I mean how, you will be putting too much pressure on your husband.

“Take me for instance, I love to help, I am a very generous person so I feel bad when people come to me for help and I am not able to render it so does that mean, every time, I have to go to my husband and ask for whatever to help others?” she queried.

She added, “Being a celebrity and being married is not time to throw yourself about, raise your shoulders high and think you have arrived. You need to work and not be lazy.”

In fact, she even questioned whether there are celebrities in Ghana. “Sometimes, when I hear people take pride in being called celebrities, I ask myself if there is any in Ghana. I mean what are they being celebrated for? What have they done?

“I believe that to be called a celebrity or to be celebrated, it means you have impacted people’s life and if you have not, I do not think that title befits you,” she said.

Akua Amoakoaa is the co-organiser of the beauty pageant, Miss Golden Stool and after selecting about 20 finalists, she told Showbiz, Ghanaians do not know their culture and a lot has to be done for the youth to appreciate and know their culture.