Tekno oversleeps and misses MTV Base West interview

By: jivenaija.com
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A HIGHLY anticipated interview of Nigerian singer Tekno at the studios of MTV Base West couldn’t come off as scheduled because the artiste overslept.

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MTV Base West had advertised that Tekno would come in for an interview on May 13, 2020.

However, fans didn’t hear from the singer because he failed to show up.

MTV Base West tweeted apologizing to their audience for Tekno’s failure to show up.

“We are sorry to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, singer @alhajitekno won’t be joining us tonight on Say What Now with @nonelawalsh as previously announced. We look forward to hosting Tekno on the show in the future. (1/2)”,

Moments after the tweet from MTV Base West, Tekno responded.

The artiste apologised for his failure to show up and explained that he overslept.

“I’m so sorry I over slept… pls how do u make up for it?”, Tekno tweeted.

While some fans have labeled Tekno’s act as unprofessional, others have defended him saying that it is natural for humans to oversleep.