I’m Fela’s son, no problem with Peruzzi ― Aterre

By: vanguardngr.com
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Nigerian artist and CEO of Wisest Family, Benedict Adoyi, popularly known as Aterre, has revealed that he is a son of Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician and pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre, Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

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Aterre revealed this in an interview with Potpourri. Reacting to why he is passionately in love with Fela, the Benue-born artist said, ’’Admitted, Fela didn’t give birth to me biologically, but one fact is clear for everyone to see. My line of music and everything about me is Fela-like.

“My music addresses issues, even though it’s a blend of powerful messages and trending societal issues. This is, however, deliberate, as my focus is to make powerful statements on societal issues.

"I believe that as a musician, your music should be mostly didactic and inspirational too. In this case, I’m Fela’s son.

Also speaking on his relationship with Peruzzi, Aterre said, ‘’Ignore all those talks that I have problem with Peruzzi. That’s not true. I and Peruzzi had worked together in the past, and because of too many activities on his part, we are not able to do new stuff together.

"We are still good friends. Maybe, we will reunite with another good song. We did a lot together in the past and it was beautiful. Peruzzi has got talent, and we both respect each other.”

Aterre is currently working with his producers on his debut music videos. His hit song, ‘Oyoyo’ and yet to be released ‘Kadara’ ft MDY will debut in the two videos scheduled to drop this year.