French Open bans Serena Williams' catsuit

Author: Rosalind K. Amoh
Serena Williams' catsuit worn at the French Open was a personal statement
Serena Williams' catsuit worn at the French Open was a personal statement

Serena Williams will not be allowed to wear her ‘Black Panther’-inspired catsuit at future French Open tournaments.

The tennis champion made a memorable return to the court after maternity leave in the bodysuit which she revealed made her feel like a “warrior princess” from Wakanda – the fictional nation where the Marvel Comics film is set.

However, organisers of the Roland Garros Grand Slam say, they would want tennis players to keep within the limits of outfits for the sport as they feel sometimes, athletes 'go too far with their choice of sportswear for competitions.

In an interview with Tennis Magazine, French Tennis Federation President, Bernard Giudicelli, stated: “We are going to ask the manufacturers to let us know what is coming. I believe we have sometimes gone too far. Serena’s outfit this year, for example, would no longer be accepted. You have to respect the game and the place.”

Serena Williams felt like a superhero wearing  the catsuit on her return to a major competition

When interviewed about her catsuit for the 2018 French Open, Williams revealed: “I call it, like, my Wakanda-inspired catsuit. We designed it way before the movie, but still, it kind of reminds me of that. I’m always living in a fantasy world, I always wanted to be a superhero and it’s kind of my way of being a superhero.”

But her look wasn’t merely a sartorial statement, as the skin-tight catsuit is designed to protect against blood clots after doctors found a haematoma (a swelling of clotted blood outside of a vessel) after the 36-year-old welcomed her daughter, Olympia Alexis Ohanian Jr., in September 2017.

Despite the safety precautions, it seems Williams will not be given another opportunity to wear the jumpsuit.

Unsurprisingly, the ban has sparked widespread outrage across social media with users calling out Giudicelli for his sexist remarks.

One Twitter user took to the social media platform to write: “She just came back from pregnancy, reached an age of wisdom and you’re criticising her bodysuit? Does she have to play half naked to satisfy your tennis opinion? Nonsense!”

Another accused the French Tennis Federation President of racism, as they tweeted [sic]: “You have to respect the game and the place.” 1. Didn’t Anne White wear a white catsuit during Wimbledon? 2. If a white woman champion wore the same outfit, would he have said anything? (Yes, I’m going there.) 3. All the women players should boycott until Serena gets an apology.”