Shut the nation down: Lutterodt charges governement

Author: Kwame Larweh
Ambassador George Lutterodt

Renowned economist and sports financier Ambassador George Haldane Lutterodt has urged the President to place the country under a two weeks lockdown with immediate as the deadly Coronavirus rages on in the country with the infection now standing at 21 as of yesterday.

He however maintained that essential services should remain open should the President shut the country down.
“We are entering into a new phase of this crisis and the President must take the bold step of shutting this country down to protect the lives of Ghanaians,” he told the Daily Graphic in an exclusive interview in Accra yesterday.
Social distancing not observed
According to Ambassador Lutterodt his reason for calling for a lockdown is due to the inability for Ghanaians to observe the social distancing being advised by medical experts.
“This is one of the most crucial ways in which we can stop the deadly coronavrius from spreading,” he stated.
He is also advocating for  a partial lockdown in Greater Accra and Ashanti Region if the complete lockdown is a near imposibbility for the government.
“We must give absolute support to the government and one must commend them for their transparency with the Ghanaian people in what could be the most trying times in our country’s history,” he noted.
Not in normal times
Stressing the need for the President to take this action, Ambassador Lutterodt noted that we are not in normal times and the President’s decision must be understood by all.
 “People must realise that liberties have to be suspended for our safety and lives and human rights must be check for the time-being,” he stated.
Issue a curfew
The peace ambassador is of the view that the President can also issue a curfew to curtail the spread of the virus. He also wants a war declare on the virus and all activities of the governments geared towards containing it.
Togetherness and Unity
He called on Ghanaians to remain together and united to fight this virus which he believes can only be  fought -off when we are together and united.
 “This is a period that we must stay together and be united to fight this virus, we must eschew politics in this and shun all manner of vices that will divide us,” he stressed.
Restriction Bill 2020
Mr Lutterodt commended government for passing  the Restriction Bill 2020 but added that it must be time-bound and time-specific.
 “The passage of the bill is great but it must be within a certain time-frame and time limit. We must know when to operationalise the bill and when not to make it effective,” he stated.
He encouraged government to take a second look at the bill to prevent it from being used as a tool to abuse the rights of Ghanaians.
Prayerful and thoughtful
Ambassador charge Ghanaians to pray in these trying times and think about others as well as  their neighbours.
 “In this times we must not think about ourselves alone, we must think of others, pray to God and pray for others, I believe the Lord will take us through this,”he stated.

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