NSA, Hockey Association in a tussle over Theodosia Okoh Stadium

Author: Samuel Amoesi
Majeed Bawa- Acting Director General-NSA

The National Sports Authority (NSA) and the Ghana Hockey Association (GHA) are heading for a tussle over the management of the Theodosia Okoh Hockey Pitch as the latter has refused to hand over the property as the former has directed.

The NSA last April directed the Greater Accra Regional Sports Directorate to move  from their old office to the Hockey Stadium and then assume the management of the place, but while the regional directorate as relocated as directed, the GHA has refused to hand over the property and its management.

A letter cited by Graphic Sports reveals that a letter was written on April 5, 2018 signed  by the then Deputy Director, now acting head,  Majeed Bawa, directed  the  Regional Sports Director to occupy the place and to take over the assets and management of the Theodosia Okoh Hockey Pitch effective May 1, 2018.

 The letter also demanded that a properly handing over was done and inventory taken of the properties and assets of the stadium. However, this directive has not been adhered to with the Greater Accra Regional Sports Director, saying the GHA has been ‘uncoperative.’

 Richard Iddrisu Ewunthomah, the Regional Sports Director told the Graphic Sports that the Hockey Association  was yet to give  him full space to operate as the letter indicated.

He told the Graphic Sports:  “When we came, it was not easy settling here, the place was not in a good state, keys to various offices were not found. The Ghana Hockey Association has been battling with us in terms of who manages the place.

“We take the Funds for hiring certain facilities, while they also take the funds for the usage of the pitch by various Hockey teams who comes to train”

The Hockey stadium which was reconstructed in 2009, has suffered from lack of maintenance.
Also, the utility bill for the facility was again cited with an amounted to GHC 20,732.18. Out of that amount,  GHC9,000 has been paid and the rest still in debt.

In reaction, the General Secretary of the GHA denied that the association had been uncoperative, indicating that almost 90 per cent of the facility had been handed over.

Mr Nasiru Yakubu, the General Secretary of the GHA explained the  reluctance to completely handover the facility to the NSA stemmed out of the fear that the authority would not  do a good job with its maintenance, particularly, the pitch.

 “They came over to manage the place and we have left it for them. We have given up the hostel, parking and the VIP banquet Hall.Those are the high revenue areas in the stadium. The only thing we have not left for them is the playing field. That is so because we fear they will be reluctant in maintaining  the playing field and with time it will not be in a very good shape.

“ The association does not understand why the NSA would complain. They have the income-generating side of the facility and every week, they let it out for banqueting activities.

“We are only protecting the pitch that has kept the sport alive. If we don’t and it is affected by poor maintenance, then the sport will suffer,” Mr Yakubu, stressed.