Northern NSA staff protests Salamatu reinstatement

Author: Kwame Larweh
Alhassan Jihad Ibrahim⁠— a member of the petitioners

Some agitated staff of the Northern Regional Secretariat inTamale have protested the reinstatement of Salamatu Alhassan as Acting Regional Sports Director.

In a petition to the Minister of Youth and Sports and sighted by Graphic Sports online, the staff questioned the competence of Salamatu and expressed their displeasure and dissatisfaction with her leadership style.

“We the undersigned staff of the Northern Regional Secretariat of the National Sports Authority, Tamale, do hereby petition management on the reinstatement of Salamatu Alhassan as the Acting Regional Sports Director of the Northern Regional Secretariat,” the statement read.

“We want to register our displeasure and dissatisfaction with the leadership style of Salamatu Alhassan. We as staff have had enough of the incompetency of Salamatu Alhassan and cannot guarantee the safety and security of lives and property, including herself, should management impose Salamatu on us,” the statement continued.

The statement noted that the reinstatement of Salamatu Alhassan will breed an atmosphere they described as “very distasteful and violent” and advised the ministry to abort any move to reinstate her”.

The staff had justified their stance to get rid of Salamatu which included misuse of office resources for her personal gain, as well as denial of allowances due staff by failing to approve them.