Let’s redirect resources to least-developed sports - NSA boss

Author: Beatrice Laryea
Majid Bawa - Acting Director General of NSA

The Acting Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Mr Majid Bawa, has appealed to all stakeholders of sports, especially corporate entities, media and the government, to redirect resources to the least developed sporting events instead of pumping huge sums of money into football alone.

According to him, the over-concentration of resources on football has brought rippling effects on the other sporting activities which, when supported, will bring more laurels to the country rather than football.

“Many at times we concentrate on football and for the past years they haven’t brought any honours to Ghana, so as a country we need to redirect our investment in sports to other disciplines other than football for now because those smaller disciplines bring honour to the country,” he told the Graphic Sports.

“Just recently, the badminton team went to compete in Uganda and they brought 21 medals, the swimming team brought 28 medals from Senegal and the bodybuilders also won four medals from a competition held in South Africa but even the media is quiet about it so how can businesses come on board to support these sports?,” he asked.

Commenting on the impasse between government and the Ghana Football Association following the premiering of an investigative piece by Anas Aremeyaw Anas which captured referees, football administrators and some Executive Committee members of the Ghana Football Association in corrupt practices, Mr Bawa noted that it would be in the best interest of the nation if we took our time

“What we need to do is to go back to the drawing board and see what is wrong with football in Ghana and have a plan at least for the next 10 years so that we can follow it and see where we can push Ghana football to. We should not be afraid to do what is right because of FIFA ban because Nigeria was suspended due to certain issues and today they are back and they are playing at the World Cup.

“We need to face the consequences, rebuild and then move on so I think that is what we need to do as a country and that is what the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which is spearheading sports in the country, will do,” he stressed.