Let's build upon forebearers achievements - Graphic MD

Author: Beatrice Laryea
Mr Ransford Tetter (left) interacting with the visitors

The acting MD of Graphic Communications Group Limited, Mr Ransford Tetteh, has challenged athletes on the continent to harness what the forebearers left in order to improve upon them.

He said the established ones must also develop a succession plan where the younger generation can easily slot in when they fade out of the system by way of encouragement.

Mr Tetteh, said this during a visit by Kenyan marathon star, Samuel Mungara, to the offices of the company yesterday, and also expressed awe at the decline of football in the country, attributing it to the neglect of the foundations of the game.

“The tragedy of Africa is that we are not able to sustain what our forebearers left for us, so if you look at soccer you realise that Ghana, being the torch bearer, is retrogressing because youth soccer was what everybody looked up to in those days during the break of the national league”, he stated.

The acting MD said youth football in the country was what many looked up to when the league was on recess but added that they no longer exist in the communities.

He was also disappointed by Africa’s dismal performance at the World Cup and insisted that the continent might not have any excuse to demand for an increased slot at the Mundial because the five teams failed to be worthy ambassadors of Africa to push for more representation.

In his response, the MD, the long distance runner attributed Ghana’s poor performance in marathon to lack of facilities and challenged the youth to exert more pressure on the State to commit funds to the establishment of training camps.

He said he is in the country to motivate Ghanaians to be able to do better in long distance races. By so doing, he said no one was created a supernatural being but it was through effort and hard work that sports stars are produced and believed Ghana can be on the international stage of marathon when its athletes invest more effort in training.