Yeboah: Ghana has big potential in swimming

Author: Kwame Larweh
Yeboah- Want more support for swmming
Yeboah- Want more support for swmming

Germany-born Ghanaian swimmer, Niklas Yeboah, is convinced Ghana has a lot of potential to compete favourably among the heavyweights on the continent and in the world if swimming if given the necessary attention and support.

At the 7th African Zone 2 Swimming Championship at the Bukom International Pool within the Trust Sports Emporium, the Barcelona-based swimmer won a fistful of medals -- silver in the men’s 200 metre Backstroke, bronze in men’s 50 metres backstroke, men’s 4x200 metres freestyle relay, men’s 4x100 metres medley relay and men’s 4x100 metres freestyle relay..

He was excited at his performance despite failing to make the Olympic qualification time but has his eyes on the 2023 African Games to be hosted in Ghana.

“I love the pool here, and I think it should be maintained or improved. My target is the 2023 African Games as it would be quite difficult to make the 2020 Olympic Games qualifying times.

“We have a young inspiring and self-motivated team with great ambitions. Very soon we shall surprise the continent of Africa and the world in swimming,” said the 21-year-old Yeboah, born of a German mother and Ghanaian father.

He described his participation in the competition and the chance to represent Ghana for the first time as a blessing, stating that it was also an opportunity to motivate and inspire other young people to take up swimming as their sport.

Besides his performance in the pool, the young swimmer was highly excited by the exposure with athletes from different cultures during the three-day competition.

“I believe learning foreign languages can help to have a greater understanding of different cultures. Having studied at eight different schools in four different countries and having parents from Germany and Ghana has given me a background with an international  outlook.

“I am fluent in English and German and currently learning Catalan and Spanish. I also learned the basics of French in the German and Swiss schools I attended. I believe all these attributes will prepare me well to study for a degree at your university and for a future career in the business world,” he admitted.