Ghana cricket coach: Postponement of Africa Cup Finals is blessing

Author: Bernard Neequaye
The national cricket team with the president of the Ghana Cricket Association, Emmanuel Asare (right)
The national cricket team with the president of the Ghana Cricket Association, Emmanuel Asare (right)

The coach of Ghana’s male cricket team, Kodam Kofi Anefie, is drawing on the positives from the postponement of the T20 Africa Cup Finals in Kenya, saying it will help his team to re-strategise towards conquering the continent when the competition starts.

He noted that despite undergoing an initial eight-week non-residential camping, the postponement provided them another opportunity to get into shape for the championship.

Following the suspension of sporting activities in Kenya in the light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the Africa Cricket Association postponed the March 20-28 competition slated for the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, until further notice.

“This is not in any way giving us more time to train because we have already trained for eight weeks and we are prepared. However, it will allow us to re-strategise and plan the way forward,” Anefie told the Graphic Sports.

Reacting to the postponement, he said: “I don’t see it as bad news for me but I see it as nature. This is something we can’t control and our safety is important. It is for our own good because we don’t know what might happen.”

Meanwhile, GCB Bank has provided an undisclosed financial support for the Ghanaian team to help them to prepare adequately for the T20 Africa Cup Finals.

According to the Ghana Cricket Association (GCA), the support by GCB Bank forms part of numerous support by the state-owned bank towards aiding the development and growth of cricket in the country.

“We appreciate your support to us and hope that our relationship gets better, stronger and lasting for the future. We have been having non-residential camping due to our financial situation,” said Emmanuel Owusu Asare, President of the GCA.