Encourage sports and education – Tanal Ghandour

Author: Rosalind K. Amoh
Mr Tanal Ghandour (left) and Madam Gloria Commodore in a handshake after the meeting

The Chief Executive of Ghandour Cosmetics, Mr. Tanal Ghandour has advised parents to encourage their wards to combine sports and education to make them smart and efficient in this modern era.

According to Mr Ghandour, schools at all levels must also create the enabling conditions for pupils and students who are talented in sports to be awarded bursaries and scholarships to motivate them to do sports to an appreciable stage like it is done in the advanced countries.

He noted that if everyone is given the same opportunities for training and supervision, local athletes would be able to rob shoulders with their counterparts in Asia, UK and USA.

The Ghandour CEO made these comments when he hosted the executive of Women In Sports Association (WISA), a non-governmental organisation formed with its sole aim of promoting and encouraging females in sports

Mr. Ghandour who is a sports enthusiast and plays squash said it is time that sports people are encouraged because most of them are talented and should be guided to become assets for the state.

He also indicated that his company was going to support WISA for it to realise its main objective of encouraging and sustaining females’ interest in sports

Madam Gloria Commodore, the Executive Director of WISA was grateful for the support Ghandour had promised, stressing that despite their achievements, female in sports are hardly given the needed recognition and it was to change the perception that the association was formed.

“On paper, both males and females are supposed to be given equal assets to sports and sports facilities, unfortunately, our cultural background has not made it possible and often times, females do not receive the same recognition and support.

“WISA wants to create the awareness that once blessed with the skill and talent, females who take to sports have the potential of being great in their sport and therefore, the need for them to be given all the support, encouragement, promotion and recognition.”