Citizens courts hockey sticks manufacturer to produce in Ghana

Author: George Ernest Asare
Rev. Lomo Mainoo

Greater Accra based Citizens International Hockey Club  has hinted that a hockey sticks manufacturing company will establish a branch in Ghana to produce hockey sticks in large quantities for both local use and export.

The chairman of the Organising Committee of Citizens International Inter-Schools (CIIS) Hockey Tournament, Rev Lomo-Mainoo, told the Daily Graphic that establishing a hockey manufacturing company in Ghana would not only reduce the prices of hockey sticks but would and also equip the youth with the requisite skills to develop their potentials.

He said their initiative would also be in line with governments desire to establish various  factories in Ghana to boost  revenue generation and also curb the unemployment syndrome among the youth.

“We have decided to bring in a company that manufactures hockey sticks to set up a manufacturing factory in Ghana. We are in touch with some manufacturing companies to establish a branch in Ghana. Very soon we will be talking to government about our initiative to see how it goes”, Rev Lomo-Mainoo hinted.

He said “by doing so, we will no more import hockey sticks and this is likely to bring the cost of hockey sticks down to entice the youth to play the game in their numbers”.

According to Rev Lomo-Mainoo, hockey clubs in Africa always import hockey sticks at high prices, a situation that make it difficult for the youth who are interested in hockey to nurture and develop their potentials at tender ages.

“It is on record that there is no manufacturing company in Africa, so Ghana stands to benefit tremendously if such a company is established in Ghana”, he noted, adding that ”If we take the bold initiative, the Francophone countries, as well as those in the East  and South Africa will import from Ghana and this will boost the economy tremendously”