Psychology training and academic excellence

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Mike Tyson and Cus d'Amato maintained a father-and-son relationship
Mike Tyson and Cus d'Amato maintained a father-and-son relationship

Join the Mind Gym movement, experience the Thrill

Football Psychology Mind Training exercise;

1. I score many great goals with my infinite goal scoring intelligence.

2. I have absolutely excellent great football skills    

Say this continually, at least for one hour every day in your heart and mind.

Psychological Mind Training is a technique of packing tight into a sports person’s Mind positive words of affirmation in self talk.

This activity makes a sports person focused on the duty at hand at every point in time and leads to great sporting excellence. It gives to a sports person power to shut out fear and all other negative factors; internal or external that can affect his or her person at the said sporting event.

Many great sports men and women have employed it and some have attributed their sporting success to about 90 per cent Mind Training.

This is Mike Tyson’s report on Cus D’Amato, the master Mind Behind his Phenomenal boxing achievements. He says ‘‘Cus would perform hypnotic meditation prior to a boxing match to help him prepare his mind for the match’’.

We saw what great value and impact he had on the youngest heavy weight boxing champion in the world; supervising Tyson’s intimidating and terrifying presence in the ring. No wonder he is the most dreaded boxer ever.

Mike Tyson says of himself; I would self talk my self to prime my mind into the ring, saying;

I am intelligent, savage and this guy does not match me’’

Doctors at Harvard Medical School say that Mind Training involving self talk changes brain blood flow for the good of sportsmen and women.

Training the mind plus Training the body leads to great sporting success.

The same techniques of self talk can be used for academic pursuit. Many of our sportsmen and women are gaining international scholarships to pursue higher learning. They can use the Mind Training techniques to saturate their minds with the required facts of their study needed to be remember for exams. They can do this by repeating over and over in their minds the facts of study which they are required to know to reproduce in an exam.

I was very sad when I read and saw in the news the failures of the law students in their law school exams. The noise about their failure gave a depreciating value to lawyers in Ghana.

Who ever understands Mind Training can employ it massively for his or her academic studies and it would lead to great academic excellence. Your mind is an awesomely powerful power in your success if you know how to bring its massive influence in your activity and this every one can do by Mind Training.

If after every study- class meeting, one repeats the required important facts of study over and over and over in ones mind, the facts repeated would be stored highlighted in the mind and brain and would be easily released to the person by the mind when needed.

Oh what a technique Psychological Mind Training Is.

You can do the storing of facts into your mind twenty four hours every day. This you do by repeating more and more of the required facts over and over and over again in your mind.

The amazing fact is that the more required facts you repeat over and over into your mind, the more illumination you receive in your course of study and can lead to revelation of new knowledge to you.

How else can we be grateful to Psychological Mind Training for Sporting Excellence and Academic Excellence?

You can repeat required facts in your mind;
(1). When listening to a lecture

(2). When reading

(3). When walking out of a lecture

(4). When eating

(5) When sleeping

(6). When bathing

(7). Any time and anywhere, required facts can be repeated in the mind. There sure is an invaluable premium to be attached to Psychological Mind Training. It leads greatly to maximisation of time use. It leads to faster development of quality human capital. In Psychological Mind Training you would know that time is indeed an invaluable asset and so you use it by employing Psychological Mind Training.

A nation of Mind Transformed citizens is unbeatable. Let’s come to the Mind Training Party for great Sporting success and for great academic success.

Tiger Woods, the world renowned Golfer of immense talent and success, has returned after many years of faltering. He is winning Golf Championships again. He attributes his success in his come back to his spending a lot of time in meditation, thinking and analysing.

Mind Training is not pep talk.

It is not a periphery activity. It is a major sporting preparation activity that contributes mightily to great sporting success and it must be recognised as such and accorded its right of place.

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