Prosper Afetsi:Sportsmen need additional skills

Author: George Ernest Asare
Prosper Afetsi

THE president of Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET), Mr Prosper Afetsi, has advised the youth in sports to acquire additional skills to enable them to generate additional income after ending their careers.

Mr Afetsi gave the advice after presenting a water pumping machine to the youth of Pambros-Wiaboman, near Dansoman in Accra.

The machine was meant to drain water from the community playground, which is usually submerged in water anytime it rains.

“Sports is one area you don’t have many options in life. When you don’t succeed as a sportsman, you go down drastically, especially when you don’t have other skills to fall on. That  explains why as a sportsman you must  learn other trades to enable you to succeed in life,” he advised .

He also called on the society to support the youth who have skills in sports to nurture such skills for their own benefit and that of society.

He said it was through such support that the youth could become useful citizens, explaining that as future leaders society could help offer youngsters training in various fields in order to make their lives complete.

“We need the youth because they are an important group in society. They hold the key to the future, so if we do not make them complete then we are in trouble. We have a serious unemployment situation so if we do not address this problem now the situation would get worse.

“It would also affect our own security since some of them would engage in criminal activities in order to survive,” he stressed.