Premier clubs hit back at Normalisation Committee

Author: Samuel Amoesi
Ghana Premier League logo
Ghana Premier League logo

The Ghana Premier League Clubs (PLCs) have expressed their outrage at the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association’s decision to cancel the Special Competition merely based on untruth.

They argued that the Normalisation Committee decided to spread falsehood about the clubs in order to conceal their inadequacies with regard to the organisation of the competition.

In a release jointly issued by the PLCs, they explained that notwithstanding the difficulties, the Premier League clubs had demonstrated their commitment to participate in the competition through “registration and submission of squad list” by mobilising their various teams to commence camping.

“The commitment of PLCs was further demonstrated by the agreement by their members, under very difficult circumstances, to move from their traditional grounds to neutral venues as directed by the NC.

“The NC sent fixtures without dates, and also unsigned regulations, to clubs participating in the competition for their signatures.
“Participating clubs learned with utter surprise the imposition of ticket prices without any consultation whatsoever with relevant stakeholders”, the statement said.

They also accused the NC of shrouding the financial aspect of the competition in secrecy despite constant reminders urging them to be transparent.

While accusing them of failing to inform the National Sports Authority (NSA) about the intended use of their venues for the competition, they also suspect the NC of using “the PLCs as an excuse for their obvious unpreparedness for the start of the competition”.

The PLCs, however, demanded an apology from the NC for describing them as greedy and selfish, stressing that they remained committed to ensuring the competition was honoured and also to help deliberate on the way forward for Ghana football.

“We also want to put on record the fact that all interactions between the clubs and the NC have been at the instance of the clubs, while the NC resorted to unorthodox means of communicating through the press”, the release added.