Owerriman CEO :GFA must resource Division Two & Three clubs

Author: George Ernest Asare
Kwabena Owusu Dankwa- Owerriman CEO.

THE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Division Two side Owerriman Football Club, Kwabena Owusu Dankwa, has appealed to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to pay attention to the foundation of Ghana football by extending financial assistance to Division Two and Division Three clubs to help in the development of football at the grassroots.

 While commending the FA for providing some support to Premier League, Division One League and Women’s Premier League sides, Mr Dankwa said the FA was yet to offer any of such assistance to the third and fourth tier divisions as they prepared to start their leagues.

“The new FA should be commended for offering some support packages to Premier League clubs, as well as Division One League and Women’s League clubs but no such assistance has been announced for Division Two and Division Three clubs.

They can help to pay officiating fees, supply us with footballs, bibs and other incentives that will enhance accelerated development of football at the grassroots,” Mr Dankwa told the Daily Graphic in Kumasi.

He explained that apart from the colts clubs, which are developmental oriented, it is the Division Two and Division Three clubs that professionally develop the potential of footballers to make them build their careers, hence the need to support them.

The Owerriman boss noted that if the base where “footballers are groomed is ignored and attention is rather focused on the higher divisions, it will undermine the development of the game and affect progress of Ghana football.”

“After colts clubs unearth talents, they progress to Division Two and Division Three clubs where their careers are properly nurtured and they later attract the Division One and Premier League sides where they showcase their talents.

"It is for this reason that I am appealing to the FA to pay particular attention to Division Two and Division Three clubs by offering us incentives to help us groom future national stars,” Mr Dankwa emphasised.

The football administrator also expressed concern about the deplorable pitches used by the lower divisions as training grounds and league centres, which he described as not conducive for good football as it exposed players to injuries.

He, therefore, called on the FA and the Sports Ministry to help develop the pitches that lower division and colts sides used to protect players from injuries and help improve the standard of the game.