Normalisation Committee to go or not?

Author: Ebo Kwaitoo
Ebo Kwaitoo
Ebo Kwaitoo

Unless the unexpected happens, indications are that the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) could get a third extension term from FIFA. The reason is that it seems practically impossible for the interim body to conduct the GFA elections within a month and hand over to the new executives before the expiry of the NC second term on September 30.

That is the challenge facing the clubs at the moment. They are torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. Yet still, the clubs are crying for the return of their leg to mitigate their expenditure in the absence of competitive football.

Come Thursday, the much-anticipated GFA extraordinary congress will take centre stage at the Physicians and Surgeons Hall in the heart of the capital but that still cannot solve the current puzzle confronting Ghana Football. But barely four days to congress, members of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) still don't seem united as the angling, raving, ranting and accusations and counter-accusations continue to divide their front while the common goal of seizing power from the NC keeps fading like a mirage.

Come what may, GHALCA will go to congress with one document representing a review of the NC's draft statutes which is said to be approved by FIFA. However, all that will largely depend on what transpires at a supposed final meeting of the clubs' welfare body this week to tidy up the work of a special committee which was tasked to 'review' the reviewed draft statutes in the general interest of Ghana Football, going forward.

Even with that, opinions seem to be divided among the clubs as a minority among think the NC document had some laudable suggestions regarding the governance structure which could help the administration of football in the country. Whatever the case, the most important thing is that the consensus that should be reached at congress should be in the supreme interest of Ghana Football. At the end of the day, all parochial interests should be shelved to pave way for football to return soon.

As I have been saying from day one, the NC is merely an interim body which stepped in as a caretaker to help sanitise the system for just a period of time. In that case, it needs the full support of the clubs to do well and leave a good legacy for them.

As to whether the NC did well or not, it is only the appointing authority, FIFA, and congress that can decide as Dr Kofi Amoah and his team render accounts of their stewardship to the delegates on Thursday.

But to avoid a deadlock at congress which can drag the transition process, the clubs, and for that matter GHALCA, needs to put its house in order without delay as time is not on their side. Failure to do so would only warrant a further extension in office of the NC which looks quite imminent.

All too soon, the NC will be a year in office by the end of this month when it is expected to hand over as mandated by FIFA. However, the fact remains that the NC might need more than a month to conduct elections and hand over to the new GFA President and his executive as required by FIFA.

Faced with that reality, some clubs have resigned to their fate and are only hoping for the best for Ghana Football, while others have sworn to ensure the formation of another normalisation team to complete the process. As the drama unfolds, only time will tell how this tragi-comedy will end.

Whether the old NC continues in office or a new one takes over, all stakeholders of Ghana Football are demanding is the return of football action as soon as possible to complete their joy. Asante Kotoko and Ashantigold gave credence to this fact last week.

PS: I congratulate Team Ghana for winning 13 medals at the 12 edition of the African Games in Morocco. Within the constraints they found themselves that was the best they could do and they deserve all the plaudits for that great effort, comprising 2 gold, 2 silver and nine bronze.

I urge the authorities to immediately draw a comprehensive plan to help our potential athletes to build upon their performance towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the next African Games to be hosted by Ghana in 2023.

At least, the president of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) and weightlifting, Mr Ben Nunoo-Mensah, has shown the way.