Neymar rape accuser appears in Brazil TV interview

Author: BBC Sport
Neymar has denied allegations that he raped Najila Trindade in a Paris hotel

A woman has appeared on Brazilian TV to go public with accusations that she was raped by star footballer Neymar.

Najila Trindade, who filed a rape allegation last Friday, told SBT Brasil the incident in a Paris hotel on  May 15 was "an assault together with rape".

Neymar has denied the accusations, posting a WhatsApp message exchange to try to prove his innocence.

He appeared briefly to play for Brazil on Wednesday in a game he said was the most difficult of his career.

Neymar was injured after 20 minutes of the match against Qatar in Brasilia and will miss the upcoming 2019 Copa America tournament in Brazil with a ruptured ankle ligament.

Ms Trindade says she was attracted to the Paris St-Germain and Brazil forward and wanted to have sex with him.

She said she was flown to Paris and put up in a hotel at Neymar's expense.

When asked whether what happened was an assault or rape, Ms Trindade replied that it was "an assault together with rape".

She said when she met Neymar, he was "aggressive, totally different than the boy  I got to know through the messages".

Ms Trindade said she was initially prepared for consensual sex but demanded the use of a condom. She alleged that Neymar refused, became aggressive again and raped her. She said she told him to stop but he refused.