Mind Training Is Player Talent Security

Author: Frederick Yaw Oduro
some player training
some player training

The power to ensure that one’s football talent grows and yields the desired goals can be assured concretely by Psychological Mind Training.

In life, there are internal inhibiting forces that hold back our progressive march forward. These inhibiting forces do not affect only sports men and women, but numerous other people. Player talent inhibition is often noticed when a talented player is identified at a lower stage of football and judged to be ripped for a higher stage only to end up faltering when brought up to that higher stage.Many times, it is at great cost to the person or team instigating that promotion. Many people across different fields of work suffer talent inhibition.

The major forces that hold people back and prevent them from the full exhibition of their talents are;

(1). Fear

(2). Lack of emotional fortitude.

There are players who are plagued by the fear of success. This comes about when they begin to doubt whether they can sustain their success. In this state of mind, instead of thinking about how they can constantly make themselves better, they become consumed with the thought of ‘‘if I fail’’. This type of thinking can practically divert a player’s energy from pushing for higher productivity to negativity.It can imprison the talent in the players mind and cripple his/her performance.

In Ghana, we have seen many talents exhibited beautifully at under-17 football tournaments and yet after those tournaments, there seems to be no progression and all those talents are lost to the nation.

Many of these talents are bought by foreign teams with the hope of benefiting from them but alas, to no avail. It creates frustration for the players as well as the team that bought them; seeing their investment go down the drain.

By Psychological Mind Training, once a talent is identified, it must grow into its unique persona by maximisation of talent, multiplication of talent and total fruitfulness of talent.

The second inhibition to talent exhibition is lack of emotional fortitude. Many people’s lives are full of painful experiences that are locked up deep within them. These experiences create emotional barriers holding them back in turmoil and not wanting a repeat of those experiences.

Lack of emotional fortitude creates in players the lack of courage to face higher challenges on their own. In Ghana, it is manifested at penalty shootouts in tournaments where Ghanaian players have overall performed abysmally.This is a critical psychological issue that must be deliberately dealt with as part of team preparation. It is not by the academic and Philosophising of Psychology. No.. No.. No.It is by the deliberate rigorous Mind Training where powerful, energy generating words are packed tight into the minds of the players to saturation and boiling point. At this stage, they have attained electrified personality. They are operating at infinite intelligence capacity. They know no fail.

Mind Training is a deliberate execution of infusing into the minds of players positive, energy generating words that charges the player by electrifying him or her and giving them the aura of superiority in a game. In Mind Training, the game can be played and won before the game.

The opposing team can be defeated in the mind before the game. This is not over confidence. It is not self exaggeration.
This is a fact ‘‘you are what you think’’ (proverbs 23: 7)

Fear is conquered by;-    Power
-    Love

-    Excellent mind

2 Timothy 1: 7

Fear conquering attributes are readily attained by Psychological Mind Training.

Mind Training leads to player mind transformation that leads to player talent progress from good, acceptable and perfect exhibition of his or her full talent potential.

Dealing with emotional lack of fortitude is achieved by Psychological Mind Training deliberately filling a players mind with very powerful positive word that creates a powerful football passionate and excellent minded player.

By Psychological Mind Training, every identified talent can mature to fruition and achieve the anticipated and desired goal of his or her talent.

Psychological Mind Training is the guarantee that clubs will gain the full benefit of every talent purchased. It is also a guarantee to every identified talent that they will live to full potential.

Psychological Mind Training is a leadership decision and it must be taken with panache.

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