Nii Lante: Nyantakyi paid the price for lack of accountability, transparency

Author: George Ernest Asare
Nii Lante Vanderpuye
Nii Lante Vanderpuye

A former Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, has waded into FIFA’s life ban and fine imposed on the former President of the Ghana Football Association, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, citing lack of accountability, transparency and teamwork as the causes of the trauma that has engulfed him.

Describing Mr Nyantakyi’s predicament as a national shame and embarrassment in an interview, Mr Vanderpuye said every Ghanaian, irrespective of his or her political inclination, ethnic background, status and gender, had been negatively affected by the shameful FIFA sanction.

“What has now happened is a national shame and embarrassment. This is because all of us have been affected. If people had seen me as someone who wanted to change how things were done at the GFA, I don’t think Anas would have done what he did.

“People were playing politics with Kwesi Nyantakyi’s issues and calling me names when I was the Sports Minister and wanted to ensure transparency and accountability in his administration,” Mr Vanderpuye explained.

According to him, he initiated moves to engage Mr Nyantakyi to turn things around to ensure transparency, accountability and teamwork in his administration to no avail.

“We were having series of talks, negotiations and meetings with eminent personalities in football, including Mr Akoto Bamfo, Ernest Thompson, Nana Fitz and Nana Butler, who were constantly talking to me and calling me on how to meet Nyantakyi to negotiate the change we desired.

“It was a move for a change that was based on negotiations and discussions, but the ultimate was to change how he and his GFA run football,” he revealed.

Asked if the change could have taken place when Nyantakyi was still at the helm of affairs at the GFA, he said he might have reasoned with him on the way he did things to make the operations of football more transparent and accountable.

“If there had been more accountability, more consultations and more negotiations, it would not have reached this stage. Football administration all over the world is run on these principles. It is a teamwork and not a one-man show.

 “One person cannot be the repository of all knowledge so far as football is concerned,” he noted.

He mentioned Messrs Sam Okyere, Zac Bentum, S.K. Manu, Nana Butler, Major (retd) Yaw Larson and Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe as personalities who run an open administration.

“Even Nyaho-Tamakloe who was seen as a revolutionary was seen as very consultative and very transparent,” he said.
Mr Vanderpuye said: “We know how things were done in the past and I was looking out for more before Kwesi Nyantakyi came in.

This is because there is a history and a track record for our past football administrators. It was not a matter of him reinventing the wheel but doing things to make it more convenient, accountable and transparent to the people whose interest he was serving.”