Coach Appiah advises players to invest for their future

Author: Peter Sarbah
Coach Kwasi Appiah
Coach Kwasi Appiah

Coach Kwasi Appiah has advised footballers to invest their money and not engage in profligate lifestyle during their playing days.

He said due to the short career span of footballers it was advisable that whatever they earn was channeled into a profitable ventures that will not see them begging for arms when they retire from active football.

At the launch of his book ‘Leaders don’t have to yell’ at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel on Friday, the soft spoken coach bemoaned the over reliance on skill by players instead of acquiring some skill as well.

He said in the absent of players acquiring skill that could earn them some income after their career, it was important that whatever the earned while playing must be spent wisely so footballers can fall on when they retire.

''I did speak about investment as well because the life span of a player is very short. They've got only about 10 years but, you see, the unfortunate part is we don’t have any trade.

“We don’t learn to be a tailor or carpenter and for that reason all our hope is to be professionals in our football career so once a player is out of the scene, he's got nothing left.

“He cannot rely on anything again so this is the more reason why whiles playing you have to invest so that once you stop playing you can rely on what you have invested”, Appiah advised.

Often some Ghanaian players have been caught in the cycle of having to beg the state to support them financially for their medical bills and upkeep, a situation the coach said could have been avoided if they managed their resources effectively while in their active career days.