Pacquiao, Broner to face off

Author: Daily Mail
Manny Pacquiao and Adrian Broner go face to face
Manny Pacquiao and Adrian Broner go face to face

Often a picture of focus and determination, Manny Pacquiao lost his cool this week after being hit by a fit of the giggles during his first face-to-face with upcoming opponent, Adrian Broner.

The Pac Man squared off against the brash American in New York City, but could only get up close and personal for a matter of seconds before a large smirk broke out across his face.

The Filipino, now 39, quickly had to turn away to avoid full blown laughter, while Broner also managed a smile and was seen shaking his head in apparent disbelief.

Both boxers then turned front and centre to face the cameras head on, posing with fists clenched as the waiting media snapped away.

Broner will provide the opposition for Pac Man's WBA world welterweight title in Las Vegas on January 19. 

Pacquiao had been linked with a rematch with Floyd Mayweather -- who he famously shared the ring with in 2015 -- but he will instead face a former world champion once tipped as 'Money's' heir to the boxing throne.