NSA ejects top traditional wrestler

Author: Kwame Larweh
Welbeck Olivierra Aryeh
Welbeck Olivierra Aryeh

The nation’s topmost traditional wrestler, Welbeck Olivierra Aryeh, and his family will have to find a new place of abode from Friday after being ejected from his Azumah Nelson Sports Complex residence.

 Aryeh’s employers, National Sports Authority (NSA), has directed occupants of a flat adjacent of the sports complex, where the wrestle resides, to vacate by September 7 to pave way for the massive renovation currently going on at the sports facility at North Kaneshie.

An emotionally charged Aryeh told Graphic Sports Online that money owed him, including per diem allowance and other emoluments, have still not been settled by the NSA, hence he was being forced to sleep on the streets.

“The NSA owes me salaries, per diem and compensation fees; I have a large family and they said I should move when they have not given me any money to rent a place. Is this fair?" quizzed Aryeh.

A two-time international Kazakh Kures wrestler, Aryeh started his wrestling career as a youngster at age 10 before earning a national team call-up in 2012.

The national 100kg traditional wrestling champion is planning to undergo training in an Olympic Freestyle Greco-Roman wrestling after the sport was introduced in Ghana a few years ago.

He is now a ‘master’ in mixed martial arts.

Aryeh made a passionate appeal to the Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah, to, as a matter of urgency, find a place for him and his family to live temporarily while he sorted himself out.

The 38-year-old called for fairness in dealing with some athletes and noted that all sportsmen and women were equal and should therefore be treated equally.