FEATURE: Indiscipline among boxers must stop!!

Author: Bernard Neequaye

I want to wade into the recent report that the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) has ordered Brimah Kamoko, alias Bukom Banku, to refund an amount of GH¢17,000 the boxer received as part payment of his purse in a contractual agreement.

Also, the GBA says it will not sign a release letter to the boxer to enable him fight until he has either paid or shown strong commitment to pay.

Bukom Banku’s punisment has been as a result of a financial tussle between himself and the Chief Executive Officer of Box Office Sports Promotions, Alex Ntiamoah, after the popular boxer failed to fight Bastie Samir in a rematch despite collecting GH¢17,000 for part payment for the agreed purse.

While the renowned boxer may have been lucky to excape a grave punishment, like the suspension of his license as was rumoured, it is a wake up call for him and many other boxers whose level of indiscipline with regards to the rules of engagement , is getting out of hand.

I would first of all, like to thank Alex Ntiamoah for being patient and as a key stakeholder, exploited all the legal channels of the GBA in his bid to retrieve his money, which unfortunately has proved futile.

However, I’m still trying to find answers to why a boxer would decide to sign a contract to fight an opponent, take initial cash for preparation per the contract, yet decides not to honour the bout, and refuse to refund the said amount.
Can this attitude be tolerated in an international bout?

Gross Disrespect

Since 2017 when the contract for the rematch was signed, Alex Ntiamoah has been chasing Bukom Banku for his cash following the boxer’s open declaration that he wasn’t ready to fight Bastie Samir in a rematch.

My question here is: How on earth do you sign a contract and decide to do otherwise? What are the possible sanctions by the GBA for such behaviour because I believe the respect for contractual agreements must be adhered to at all times.

In this case concerning Bukom Banku and Alex Ntiamoah, the GBA has granted the latter a special permission to seek relief from the courts if the boxer fails to pay the GH¢17,000 owed him as a result of a breach of contract after failing to honour the rematch with Bastie Samir.

I expected the GBA to act beyond just giving the promotional outfit the chance to pursue legal actions in the law courts but with the emphasis on denying Bukom Banku release letters to fight until he agrees to pay the money, I laud the sanctioning body for such a directive.

I am interested in seeing Bukom Banku punished for indiscipline especially when he has failed to honour all calls by the GBA for an amicable solution to the issue. This is because he still remains a popular figure in Ghanaian boxing and must live up to expectation in order to prevent others from replicating his actions.

Seeking Redress

In the meantime, I know what might be running in the minds of many for Alex Ntiamoah to seek redress at our law courts, having failed to get his money through the GBA but the point now is whether Bukom Banku currently has the financial muscle to pay even after he has been found guilty by a competent court of jurisdiction.

I wasn’t surprised when Alex Ntiamoah told me he was not considering litigation against the boxer because Bukom Banku’s management has given him an assurance to commence payment immediately after his next bout in December.

Litigation is difficult considering the time and financial commitments that come with it, especially when you are not certain to get your money immediately after being triumphant at the law court.

In this regard, I agree with his decision to settle the case out of court for now.

In settling the issue out of court, what I expect to be done is to have a payment plan with the GBA which would require him to pay from his purses from subsequent bouts. This must be documented before he is released by the GBA to fight on any bill either locally or internationally.