Carl Frampton: I am disappointed in Dogboe for disrespecting me

Author: Bernard Neequaye
Carl Frampton (middle) with Team Dogboe in happier times
Carl Frampton (middle) with Team Dogboe in happier times

Former featherweight world champion, Carl Frampton, has branded Isaac Dogboe as ungrateful for not showing him respect having helped out the Ghanaian in his career progression.

Frampton, who is billed to fight Tyler McCreary on November 30, said he was disappointed in Dogboe for the gross disrespect meted out to him over the past months.

The Irish fighter was billed to fight Dogboe on November 30 before the Ghanaian sustained an ankle injury that collapsed the fight.

In his Sunday Life Column, Frampton accused 24-year-old Dogboe of refusing to fight him after deceiving the entire world of knocking him out during their sparring sessions.

“Former world champion Isaac Dogboe talked a good game, but in the end he decided not to fight me on November 30 in Las Vegas. I have to say I am very disappointed in Dogboe because he had been talking nonsense about how he was going to knock me out and making suggestions he had got the better of our sparring,” he wrote.

“I remember sparring as well – 14 ounce gloves, bigger than the ones we use in a fight, putting him flat on his back with a left hook, so I think he should keep his disillusion thoughts to himself.

“I don’t normally talk about sparring, but Dogboe, disappointingly has shown me a lack of respect, as I was the one who helped him out earlier in his career by bringing him into camp,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dogboe is hoping to come back stronger from his two consecutive defeats to Emanuel Navarrete when he moves up to featherweight after losing his WBO super bantamweight title to the Mexican.

Dogboe could slug it out with Frampton next year if the two boxers can agree to a fight.