Cabic Promotions to campaign against drug abuse

Author: Samuel Amoesi & Derrick Elorm Adzokpa
Ivan Bruce-Cudjoe addressing the gathering
Ivan Bruce-Cudjoe addressing the gathering

The Chief Executive Officer of Cabic Promotions and Management, Mr Ivan Bruce-Cudjoe, has announced that his outfit would organise amateur bouts across the country to create awareness about the negative effect of drug abuse among the youth.

Addressing a gathering of boxers and students of Senior High Schools at the maiden edition of Cabic Promotions ‘drug abuse campaign’ at the Bukom Boxing  Arena in Accra on Friday, Mr Bruce-Cudjoe said he believed that a constant awareness of drug abuse could help curb the canker among the youth in the country.

“According to research, 50,000 youth are heavily involved in drug abuse, with most of them being students of Junior High School (JHS), Senior High School (SHS) and the University who are between the ages of 12 and 35 years”, Mr Bruce-Cudjoe noted.

He said: “Most of the boxers are from the ghettos and I believe that most of the social vices like drug abuse start from the ghettos. I want to let them know that these drugs can destroy their lives, their career but with their determination they can stop”.

He used the opportunity to advise parents to make their wards their primary assets and not their work as children could go wayward if much attention is not given to them.  

“I grew up with a lot of friends whose parents had everything, unfortunately most of them engaged in drug abuse. Sometimes, parenthood does not mean working for money at the expense of a child, it means being there for the child and mentoring him or her. However, most parents make money their priority and abandon the welfare of their wards.”

The boxing promoter said he had an ambition to curb the spread of drug abuse which is detarding the progress of the youth, which is why his outfit was working to hopefully eradicate the abuse of Tramadol, Marijuana, and other drugs.

Ataa Eddie Pappoe, an international boxing judge of the World Boxing Council (WBC), also advised the audience about how drug abuse could affect their career.

“Drug abuse is an act all boxers and the youth should refrain from.  This has jeopardised the career of many boxers, both internationally and locally, like Mike Tyson and other notable boxers. Also the health challenges it poses to it victims are enormous”, he added.