Broner to beat the hell out of Pacquiao

Author: Kwame Larweh
Broner (right) vows to defeat Pacquiao (left)

Adrien Broner has promised to beat up Manny Pacquiao, then have a drink with him afterwards and 'turn Las Vegas into a block party'.

The American is challenging the legendary Filipino for his WBA welterweight world title in Sin City on Sunday night.

And the pair came face to face at the final press conference on Wednesday, with both pugilists having plenty to say ahead of their showdown.

Broner, who is Floyd Mayweather's former protege, said: 'I'm not up here to talk a lot of trash. I've put in the work. It's fight time. After I win, everything is going to be different.

'People are talking a lot about Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather again, but I'm pretty sure Floyd is retired. I feel like people are trying to throw me to the wolves and overlook me. 

'I'm not in awe of any fighter, especially Manny Pacquiao. I hope he's in awe of me. I'm a one of a kind fighter too. I've made history in this sport.'

And the confident 29-year-old believes victory over such a legendary name will be a gigantic moment in his career. 

'I just have to go out and win this fight, then everything is going to start going my way. Saturday night, I will be victorious. This is a defining moment in my career and it's going to be one of the biggest nights of my life,' he added