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The writer - Elizabeth Ohene

Shall we please call a spade , a spade?

by Elizabeth Ohene
It might well be that the use of the English language as the official medium for communication poses many “challenges” for many of us, if I might borrow the terminology much preferred by government spokespersons.

Stigmatisation - Ebola and being West African

by Vicky Wireko
The news that some American citizens have intensified pressure on the Obama-led administration to ban all flights from West Africa to the United…
The Atuabo gas infrastructure

From my rooftop: Back to charcoal days

by Kofi Akordor
About a quarter of a century ago, the government of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) embarked on a vigorous campaign to encourage the…
There are multiple national ID  cards in Ghana such as the health insurance card.

The Ghanacard gamble; A case of chasing the wind

by Naa Shormeh Dowuona
One way to think about the now controversial National Identity Card project is to ask what would happen if we can’t find the US$115 million that the…

Ghana’s energy crisis: is there hope for sustainability?

by Kwesi Ansu
If there is one word which has resonated in the daily conversation of our national life, that surely must be power.
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Dreaming Africa; A case study of the Ghana agenda

by Yaw Asamoah
Thank you for taking time out to read this column. My idea for the next year will be to take you on a journey of how Africa, and for that matter…
Traditional biofuels have for a long time included dung, crop waste and firewood which have contributed to air pollution.

Cleaner cooking, electricity can improve lives of millions

by Dr Bjørn Lomborg
Nutritious food, clean water and basic health care for all may be obvious high-priority targets for the international community, but we shouldn’t…
The classrooms at Maranatha Community School are filled with donated desks. This picture was taken before the aluminum roofing was completed. The school structure continues to be improved.

Jeopardised: Free education traded for Ecotourism project at Ada-Foah

by Lisa Carmack
It's no secret that education is key to providing opportunity for future success, but many families in Ghana's rural communities can’t afford the…

Voice from Afar: Was Nkrumah a dictator?

by K. B. Asante
Those who do not wish to face facts or observe and think say that Nkrumah could have been the leader Ghana needed and needs but for his dictatorship.…
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Why worry?

by Jasmine Arku
There is a saying that goes like this “Experience is a good teacher”. If life is about learning and growing, why worry? Why worry about worse…

Open letter to the President on Ghana hosting AFCON 2015

by Seth Quaynor
Your Excellency Hon. John Dramani Mahama President of the Republic of Ghana Accra. Dear Sir, OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF GHANA.

‘Soli’ and fight against corruption

by William A. Asiedu
Recent media reports have pointed to acts of corruption and waste of state funds and, as is expected, journalists are leading the public discussions…
Bill Gates

Bill’s $10 watch & Mensah’s $500 iPhone

by Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey
America's richest man wears a $10 watch while Kwesi Mensah, your random next door neighbour, keeps time with a $500 iPhone. Politico’s report this…

Tamale at last (1)

by Rasak El-Alawa
Anytime the Editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr I. K. Nkrumah, came out of his office to look left, right and centre, it meant he was looking for…
Bill Gates

Bill’s $10 watch & Mensah’s $500 iPhone

by Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey
America’s richest man wears a $10 watch while Kwesi Mensah, your random next door neighbour, keeps time with a $500 iPhone. Politico’s report this…

How did our ancestors preserve nature?

by Joe Frazier
“There is, of course, the sculpture of the leopard in front of the palace. This indicates that the ruling clan of Gomoa Ashaiman is “Twidan.” Behind…

Why Ghanaian students must read extensively

by Inusah Mohammed
The purpose of this piece is to tell the intellectually-stimulating, powerfully-inspiring and significantly-revealing rendezvous I had with Mr John…