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KlintKlintA good ‘measure’ of two Ghanaian music hitmakers, great ‘dollops’ of four hilarious Nigerian comedians, a ‘hint’ of one British comedian and a ‘dash’ of back up dancers and singers were just the right ingredients for a very hearty meal.

And a hearty meal was what patrons were fed at last Saturday’s 1016 Laughs and Music held at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC). It’s near impossible not to have a good time at the 1000 Laughs and Music series.

There was never a dull moment when Gordons and his posse of comedians—Klint da Drunk, Sim Card, Osama and Kevin Jay took to the stage. Peals of laughter constantly filled the auditorium.

And where Ghana lacked in comedy, Okyeame Kwame and Kontihene made up with good music pushing some patrons to stand on their feet to dance.

Sim Card, a first timer in Ghana opened the comedy segment of the show. A smart, assured debut from a refreshing talent. Everythng that fell from the lips of the pint-size comedian sent the audience laughing.

Demons are supposed to cause havoc to the people they possess but not Sim Card. He said his hard life was enough to torment a demon that had possessed his body to ran for its life. When the demon couldn’t take his ‘aje paco’ life, it rather went to church to give testimony warning other demons to steer clear off him (Sim Card).

He eventually killed it with his bit on phonics where he used Ghanaian words and names based on the sound that all the letters of the alphabet represent.

Knowing he had been in the country for less than a day or so, it was amazing to listen and watch Sim Card recite from  memory, A for Azonto, B for Bukom Banku, C for Cocoa, D for Dokono, E for Eziban, F for Fufu, G for Gari, H for Hogbetsotso..... through to M for Mahama, N for Nana Addo, O for Okuraseni.....and finally Z for Zaphenath Panea.

Another first timer, Osama from Jos, Plateau State where according to him “we suspect ourselves’ gave a good account of himself. His act had a good dose of cracking punchlines which went down well with patrons.

Kevin Jay, who appears to be a kind of ‘odd one’ among the lot, was not odd at all. The British comedian delivered his act in a combination of British accent and Nigerian pidgin.

It was no surprise that Nigerians were the butt of his jokes since he said he has lived with Yoruba people for 22 years and also he has a Nigerian girlfriend. For a white boy, his jokes were not lost on the audience which was what most people thought it would be.

Gordons is a comedian and a bloody one at that. It’s impossible not to warm up to his relaxed and affable persona.  Described as the Berlusconi of Nigerian Comedy by the emcee of the night, the ever ‘intoxicated’ Klint da Drunk, Gordon dispensed slick, sharp and witty jokes.

AdinaAdinaHaving set the record of returning to the ­series for the sixth time, it was only natural that a couple of Gordons jokes were a little familiar. Even that, they were still ticklish enough to make the audience hold their aching rib

Although Klint was the emcee for the night, he really performed. As he announced act after act, he never failed to lace his presentation with side-splitting jokes.

And of course, the two Ghanaian hitmakers were just great. Okyeame Kwame seems always on point. He was at his creativity best dramatising part of his act with a sketch on ‘healthy fighting’. Who could sit while his Mesan Aba oozed from the speakers. His duet on the night with Adina, Woara, which he did originally with Raquel, was also refreshing.

And it is obvious Kontihene still has what it takes to move his audience. He put up a good show as he dished out Krohikro, Esi among others from his repertoire.

But for a few technical hitches, the Night of 1016 Laughs and Music was great. So with such a good recipe for a hearty meal, there is obviously the need for an encore. And this will happen next Saturday August 31 at the Akromah Plaza in Takoradi.

By Adwoa Serwaa Bonsu/Graphic Showbiz/Ghana

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